1 . Carousel is showing single image. How to create a multiple image Carousel?

Go to WordPress dashboard -> Add/Edit Carousels and set the "setting number of slides to show" to 3 , 4 or any number you want.

2 . Fade out and Lazy loading is not working?

Fade out and lazy load effect will work with single slide Carousel. You need to set setting "Number of slides to show" to 1.

3 . How to Display Carousel in Footer or sidebar?

Carousel FX Plus is having facility to display carousel using WordPress widgets. Go to WordPress -> Appearance -> Widgets -> drag and drop Carousel Widget where you want to display carousel and select carousel.

4. How to receive plugin updates from WPEka?

You can continue receiving updates from WPEka by following Plugins -> WPeka Account.

You need to authenticate by providing your User Name and Password for WPEka account. After you have authenticated your WPEka account you will receive updates for plugin from WPEka.

Note: If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to raise a ticket on support@wpeka.com