Ad zones

Ad Zones are simply places on your website that you want to show advertising in. You can create as many as you like. For example you might show a block of 4 banners in the sidebar, a larger banner in the header and a small banner at the end of each post – each one requires it’s own Ad Zone.

To create one, choose “Ad Zones” navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WP AdCenter > Ad Zones.

  • Ad Zone Name - Specify name for Ad Zone.

  • Description - You can also give the zone a description. This description will be displayed on sign up page so user can choose required plan accordingly.

  • Text above Ad Zone & Text below Ad Zone - Text which will be displayed above and below the Ad Zone.

  • Multiple Banners (Rows & Columns) - Select number of horizontal & vertical adverts for Ad Zone.

  • Template - Select template for Ad Zone from available dropdown options.

  • Auto Refresh Ads - (Checkbox) If checked ads in this ad zone will be automatically refreshed. This option will be given preference over WP AdCenter > Settings > General > Auto Refresh.

  • Enable Advertise - (Checkbox) Check to enable advertisements in this ad zone.

  • Default Banner - (Image Upload) Select & upload image which will be used as default banner for this ad zone.

Once all the changes are done click on Save Ad Zone button to save the ad zone.