Advertiser SignUp

Once you have created Packages with suitable Package Type & AdZone users can sign up for that package from frontend.

To create sign up page use [wpadcenter_signup] shortcode and sign u form will be rendered on that page.

From this page user has to provide following details

  • Ad Zone selection - List of created AdZones will be provided to select from. This will also work as Package selection as each package will have single AdZone selected.

  • Banner name - This name will be used as banner name & will be given to uploaded Image.

  • Image - This image will be used as banner.

  • Start Date for Ad - Select date when ad should start. If future date is selected Campaign status will be Scheduled and it will change to Running once start date is reached.

  • Choose billing Model - Here package price will be displayed.

  • Campaign Name - Provide name which will be used as campaign name for advertiser.

Once user provides all the details and clicks on Submit button, user will be redirected to checkout page and will be able to complete payment similar to WooCommerce product. Once order is completed new advertiser will be created with campaign name and provided banner.