Packages (Pro)

If you wish to offer advertising space on your site that people can purchase online, you will need to create a package. A package is simply the deal that a person is buying, you can create package based on Cost per Days, Cost per Impressions or Cost per Clicks.

Available packages are displayed in WPAdCenter Packages menu.

Adding new package is as easy as adding WooCommerce Product. To create new package navigate to WordPress Dashboard > products > Add New.

  • Product Name - Specify name for the Package.

  • Product data - AdCenter Package.

  • Regular Price - Regular price for the package.

  • Sale Price - Sale price for the package.

  • Package Type - Select type of the package

    • Cost per days - If Package Type is selected as Cost per days you can provide duration in days for which ads will be running.

    • Cost per impressions - Provide cost for number of impressions by visitors. Impression is counted as number of times ad is displayed to visitors.

    • Cost per clicks - Provide cost based on number of clicks.

  • Ad Zone - Select Ad Zone where user can place ads once this package is purchased.

After updating all above settings click on Publish button to save the product as package.