Geolocation Functionality

Geolocation is used to search business listing of user's nearby location . System fetches user's location and gives listings output for particular radius distance from his location .

For example if I want to find restaurants in 100 mile distance from my location .

Go to WordPress Dashboard Add/Edit Page/Post and use [wplocalplus] shortcode and enable 'Geolocation' setting .

Radius in Miles - Here you need to give distance in mile like 100 , 50 etc . Software will fetch your location and give search result for radious given from user's locaiton .

Keyword - Here you need to give keyword you are searching for. For example Restaurants, Hotels or Movie Thetere etc.

But here you can use only one keyword to search, can not use multipule comma seperated keywords like 'Hotel,spa,movie theater'

Keyword : Restaurants - Correct : Hotel,spa,movie theater - Incorrect : Restaurants in Dallas - Incorrect : Movie theater - Correct ‚Äč

Please make sure that you have allowed your device/browser to fetch your location otherwise it will not give search results.