Change the flow of survey questions

Once all the questions are added in the funnel it becomes easy to decide from which question the survey will start and make changes accordingly. Read More.

Once you have added all the questions, you can decide from which question survey will start, change the sequence of questions in which they will appear. Also, you can decide which question to ask next based on user’s answers to the current question.

Change the start question

To decide from which question to start a survey, go to Add Funnel page or Survey Edit page from the dashboard (if a survey is already created). In Trigger settings, under Pages tab select the Start Question and save funnel. From now on the survey will start from the selected question.

Change the sequence of questions

After creating questions you can change the sequence of questions by dragging and dropping questions in required order.

While changing the sequence of questions if you changed the position of the first question, you will notice that in Trigger Settings start question number will be also updated, correct that if needed.

Change the next question based on the user’s answers

You can toggle the view of answers by clicking on [Show/Hide Answers] for all questions or individual question (from the bottom of each question). Here you will see each question has one dropdown box next to every answer. From the dropdown box, you can select available question which will be asked next if a user selects that answer.

If no value is selected in the dropdown box next question in sequence will be asked.

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