Creating a Survey

You can easily create a new funnel by adding a new funnel form Wordpress Admin section. Customise the settings and save the funnel. Try now
You can create a survey from "WordPress Admin -> Survey Funnel -> Add Funnel".
Create a Survey
This page is divided into 2 sections - Display Settings (Left) & Trigger Settings (Right).

Display Settings

Survey Name - Provide a name for the survey.
Style Options - Select options for the style of the Survey like Background Color, Background Image, Width, Height, Padding, Border, Question Background Color.
Cookies - Select checkbox for select cookies. If checked cookie will be set with a visitor's browser after the survey is displayed. When a visitor visits the page again the survey will not be displayed. Expire cookie after - Provide a number of days after which cookie will be deleted and the survey will be displayed again when a visitor visits the same page.
Accent Text - Text to be displayed where user will click and a survey will start.
Accent Background Color & Accent Text Color - Select colors for Accent background & Accent text.

Trigger Settings

Trigger settings have 2 options - Pages & Deploy.

Pages Tab

Trigger Settings - pages
Start Question - Select the question number from which survey will start.
Pages - you can select the pages on which the current survey will be displayed. You can check/uncheck the 'All Pages' option to display the survey on all pages or not.

Deploy Tab

Trigger Settings - Deploy
You can copy the code provided here to create the button on any page or post. Upon clicking on which button survey will start. Button code only will be displayed when the survey is saved.
Once you have customized the settings click on the Save Funnel button at bottom of the screen. Saved surveys can be accessed from WordPress Dashboard > Survey Funnel > Dashboard.