Configuring Auction Emails

This page explains how you can configure your users email address to send them timely notifications on their favorite auction. This makes engagement with your users fast and easy.

Email configurations can be accessed from WooCommerce > Settings > Emails Tab.

You can specify the email addresses which will receive emails after predefined activity related to auction product.

Auction email notifications are divided in 4 sections

  1. Auction Start

  2. Auction End

  3. Auction Win

  4. Auction Outbid

You can add email multiple addresses in above 4 sections.

In any of the above email section you can manage the following options:

  • Enable / Disable - (checkbox) Enables or disables selected email notification.

  • Recipient(s) - Specify comma separated emails to which this email will be sent.

  • Subject - Subject line of email.

  • Email Heading - Heading of the email.

  • Email type - (dropdown) Select between Plain Text, HTML or Multipart.

  • HTML template - Specify template file for email.