Configuring Auction Emails

Email configurations can be accessed from WooCommerce > Settings > Emails Tab.

You can specify the email addresses which will receive emails after predefined activity related to auction product.

Auction email notifications are divided in 4 sections

  1. Auction Start

  2. Auction End

  3. Auction Win

  4. Auction Outbid

You can add email multiple addresses in above 4 sections.

In any of the above email section you can manage the following options:

  • Enable / Disable - (checkbox) Enables or disables selected email notification.

  • Recipient(s) - Specify comma separated emails to which this email will be sent.

  • Subject - Subject line of email.

  • Email Heading - Heading of the email.

  • Email type - (dropdown) Select between Plain Text, HTML or Multipart.

  • HTML template - Specify template file for email.