Add Business Listings & Display on Website

Add Business Listing

Go to WordPress Dashboard -> WPLocalPlus -> Business List

  1. Fill the details. Fill all the details here. You can select “Place” or “Review” list type according to your requirement.

  2. Click on Preview Result This will fetch and display listings from google and citygrid.

  3. Click Import Places This will import your places (or reviews) into the custom post type. You can see the list of imported places/reviews and add/edit/delete more places/reviews here: WordPress Dashboard -> WPLocalPlus -> PlacesWordPress Dashboard -> WPLocalPlus -> Reviews

  4. Add Business List You can save and view/edit your business list after adding it.

Display Business Listing on Website

You can show 2 types of business listings

Listings from the Business Lists

  1. Create a new page.

  2. If you are using Gutenberg editor, we have a block “WPLocalPlus Business List”, you can make use of this block.

  3. If you don't have Gutenberg editor, you can simply paste this shortcode on your page. Places: [wplocalplus list="wplocal_places" type="your_place_type" location="your_location" limit="listings_per_page"] For eg., [wplocalplus list="wplocal_places" type="hotels" location="united-states" limit="10"] Reviews: [wplocalplus list="wplocal_reviews" type="your_place_type" location="your_location" limit="listings_per_page"] For eg., [wplocalplus list="wplocal_reviews" type="hotels" location="united-states" limit="1"]

  4. Publish the page.

All City Listings

You can choose to display listing of cities form specific countries. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WP Local Plus > Allcity List. Check the countries and cities in respective countries then click on update button.

Go to WordPress Add/Edit Page/Post and use only [allcity] shortcode.

And please make sure that you have enabled all categories or some selected categories from this sidebar backend. Because in [allcity] page /post front end if you click on some city/state/country it will redirect to a category page and then if you click a particular category it will display the business listing.

Then go through the front end it will display a listing of all city.

When you click on a particular category, it will be redirected to its business listing page. For example, if I click on 'Restaurants' it will display listing for 'Restaurants available in Alberta'.

How to manage Country/City listing?

Go to WordPress Dashboard Add/Edit Page/Post where you have used [allcity] shortcode and you can find meta box like below.

Here you can Add city/country as per your site requirement.Also, you can Edit/Delete your city/country.

Here you can Add city/country as per your site requirement. Also, you can Edit/Delete your city/country.

Enable checkbox of the country name which you need to display on site. Also, you can enable the city name in the select box in which you need the display on your site.

Click on the Update button to save your changes.