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This page shows how you can import and add business listings into custom post types.

You can import and add business listings into custom post types.

Go through WordPress Dashboard ->WPLocalPlus -> Add business list.

For example: If I want to create business listings for Restaurants in Dallas.

Name : Give name to your business list.

List Type : Select Places. In this example we are creating Places type business listings .

What : You can give search parameter here.

Where : Here you need to give search parameter proper location.

For example if I need to create business listing for 'restaurants in Dallas'. First go through and search 'Dallas'

You can find that exact place code for Dallas is 'Dallas, TX, United States'.This is necessary as there can also be another place available in Google map with similar name/place that we are searching.

If I search for 'Restaurants in Dallas, TX, United States' in, then it will show me the following results:

'Where Keyword' : 'Dallas, TX, United States' Here keyword parameter is very important. WPLocalPlus fetches listing as per given in keyword parameter words.

It searches in format

'CATEGORYNAME in CITYNAME,COUNTRYNAME' Ex:'Restaurants in Dallas,United States' Ex:'Banks in Dallas,United States'

Number of the result : Number of results to be display on your page .

Click on Result Preview button and you can see results preview like scree shot.

Now click on "Import & Add" button. This will populate the results into custom posts. You can view and edit the results as per your need from the admin. To view/edit the results, go to WordPress Dashboard -> WPLocalPlus -> Places.

To show listings on the frontend, go to WordPress Dashboard Add/Edit Page/Post and add block.

Select Place Type, Location & Limit(number of results to show per page) and save the page.

You will see listings on the page.

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