In order to receive plugin updates from WPEka get the product ID to use the plugin. You can also check the most frequently asked questions

How to receive plugin updates from WPEka for after version 6.0?

Once you have purchased WPLocalPlus plugin from wpeka website, you will see Master API Key and product ID of your purchase. You will need those API key and product ID to use plugin.

Go to My Account -> API Keys section to get your Master API key and Product Id.

Once WPLocalPlus plugin is activated please navigate to Settings > WPLocalPlus Activation and provide API Key & Product ID and click on save changes. After that you will see your API key status is activated and you can use the WPLocalPlus plugin

How to receive plugin updates from WPEka before version 6.0?

You can continue receiving updates from WPEka by following Plugins -> WPeka Account.

You need to authenticate by providing your User Name and Password for WPEka account. After you have authenticated your WPEka account you will receive updates for plugin from WPEka.

Which API's are needed?

You need to enable and activate following API's.

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