Usage of Cookie Consent Plugin

How can you use GDPR Cookie consent plugin?

The WPeka Cookie Notice Plugin (GDPR & CCPA) helps a website comply regarding notices to be shown on the website. WP Legal Pages helps to generate the Privacy Policy for GDPR & CCPA.

Depending on the mode of usage, the cookie notice is automatically applied as per the applicable case.

There are two modes available:


  • Add a customizable cookie notice (banner/popup/widget) to inform the website visitors of the cookies being used.

  • Auto-scan for cookies used on the website. (Pro Feature)

  • Automatically categorize the known cookies into different categories (Necessary, Analytics, Marketing, Preferences).

  • Modify (if needed) the way, cookie details like category of cookies and description to be shown to the user.

  • Capture and maintain a consent log of visitors. (Pro Feature)


  • Add a customizable CCPA Notice (banner/popup/widget) from which visitors can select to opt out from using their personal information

  • Capture and maintain a consent log of visitors. (Pro Feature)

With WPeka Cookie Notice Plugin (GDPR & CCPA) you can choose to display Cookie Notice only to required users like Only EU users or Users from California state from USA. To use this feature you need Free MaxMind License key from Check FAQ for integrating License Key from MaxMind with WPeka Cookie Notice Plugin (GDPR & CCPA).‚Äč