CCPA Settings
This page shows how you can access the settings to your CCPA bar.
By default, the plugin will enable a notice bar for GDPR cookie consent.
Go to 'GDPR Cookie Consent > Cookie Settings' Menu and select 'Compliances > Cookie notice Card > ‘Select the Type of Law' option as ‘CCPA’. After this CCPA Notice bar will appear on your website at the bottom.

For CCPA there are 3 tabs - Compliances, Configuration & Design.


The Compliances tab has 4 cards - Cookie Notice, Enable Visitor Conditions, Consent Settings, Extra Settings.
Cookie Notice
  • Enable Cookie Notice - (Enable / Disable) the cookie bar on your website.
  • Select the Type of Law - (GDPR / CCPA / GDPR & CCPA / ePrivacy) Select CCPA to show CCPA notice.
  • CCPA Message - Enter the text you want to display as CCPA notice.

Enable Visitor Conditions

Visitor Conditions
  • Enable IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) - (Enable / Disable) Enable compatibility for the customization of advertising tracking preferences in case of CCPA. If enabled cookie named 'usprivacy' will be set with the value '1YYY' when the user confirms to opt-out. Cookie value will be '1YNY' when the user cancels to opt-out.
  • Show only for CCPA Visitors - (CCPA) Show cookie notice to CCPA visitors only.
Consent settings
  • Enable Consent Logging - Logs user consents.
  • Reload after Accept - (Enable or Disable) If enabled webpage will be refreshed automatically once cookie settings are accepted.
  • Restrict Pages and/or Posts - Select pages and/or posts to be excluded during scanning of your website for cookies.

Extra Settings

Extra Settings
  • Delete Plugin Data on Deactivation - Enable to delete all the plugin data from database on deactivating the plugin.
  • Show Credits - If you are happy with the product and want to share credit with the developer.


Configuration tab has 1 card - Configure Cookie Bar.
  • Show Cookie Notice as - (Banner / Popup / Widget) Select how to display CCPA Notice Bar.
    • Cookie Bar Position - (Bottom / Top) If 'Cookie Bar as' option is selected as Banner, then select Bottom or Top position to display CCPA Notice Bar Banner.
    • Add Overlay - (On / Off) If 'Cookie Bar as' option is selected as Popup, select if there should be Overlay or not for popup.
    • Cookie Bar Position - (Left / Right) If 'Cookie Bar as' option is selected as Widget, select left or right position to display CCPA Notice Bar Widget.
  • On hide - (Animate / Disappear) Select behavior of closing action of CCPA Notice Bar once visitor confirms the settings.
  • On load- (Animate / Sticky) Select behavior of loading action of Cookie Bar when the visitor visits a page.


The Design tab has 4 cards - Cookie Bar Body Design, Confirm Button, Cancel Button, Opt-out Link.
Cookie Bar Design
  • Cookie Bar Color - (Color picker) Select color for Cookie Bar.
  • Cookie Bar Opacity - (Slider) Select opacity for Cookie Bar, You can adjust the transparency of Cookie Bar here.
  • Text Color - (Color picker) Select color for text on Cookie Bar.
  • Border Styles - (Dropdown selector) Select a style for the border of the cookie bar.
  • Border Width - (Slider) Select the width for the cookie bar border.
  • Border Color - (Color picker) Select color for Cookie Bar border.
  • Border Radius - (Slider) Select the radius for the cookie bar border.
  • Font - (Dropdown selector) Select your default theme font or from provided standard fonts for Cookie Bar text.

Confirm Button

Confirm button
Clicking on Configure Button will open a popup with Button settings.
Button customization
  • Enable - (On / Off) Enable or disable the button.
  • Text - Text which should be displayed on particular button.
  • Text Color - (Color picker) Select color for button.
  • Background Color - (Color picker) Select background color for button.
  • Background Opacity - (Slider) Select background opacity for button.
  • Border Style - (Dropdown) Select the type of border style from the given options for the button.
  • Border Color - (Color picker)Select the border color for the button.
  • Border Width - (Slider) Select the border width for the button.
  • Border Radius - (Slider) Select the border radius for the button.
  • Button Size - (Large / Medium / Small) Select size from predefined options for each button. Default value is Medium. For Read More link this option is not available.
The cards Confirm Button & Cancel Button have the same set of settings for the respective buttons.
CCPA opt-out link
Clicking on Configure Button will open a popup with link settings.
Opt-out link customization
  • Text - Text which should be displayed as Opt-out link on CCPA Notice Bar.
  • Text Color - (Color picker) Select text color for Opt-out links in CCPA Notice Bar.
How to configure the settings of GDPR Cookie Consent