GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Settings

There are different tabs to customize the cookie notification bar.


General tab has 3 subsections - General, Show Again Tab, Other.


  • Cookie Bar is currently - (Enable / Disable) the cookie bar on your website.

  • Cookie Bar is Usage for - (GDPR / CCPA) Select GDPR to show GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Bar.

  • Message Heading - Enter the text you want to display as heading on Cookie Bar. If you want a smaller height, you can keep this empty.

  • GDPR Message - This text will be displayed on Cookie Bar. Depending on the language of the site, you can change this text to other languages.

  • About Cookies Message - This text will be visible to website visitors under 'About Cookies' section when they click on 'Cookie Settings' button.

  • Show Accent - (Enable / Disable) If you want to show the Accent for user to change consent. Appears after the visitor has accepted or rejected cookie options. It appears at the bottom of the webpage.

  • Accent Position - (Left / Right) Select left or right side of the website.

  • Accent Margin (in px or %) - Specify margin in pixels or percentage.

  • Accent Text - The text to be displayed on the Accent.


  • Enable Consent Logging - Logs user consents.

  • AutoTick for Non-Necessary Cookies- (Enable or Disable) Pre-select non-necessary cookie checkboxes.

  • Auto Hide (Accept) - (Enable or Disable) If enabled Cookie Bar will be automatically hidden after specified time (As set for the Auto Hide Delay) and cookie preferences will be set as accepted.

    • Auto Hide Delay (in Milliseconds) - Time after which Cookie Bar will be automatically hide. Note that time is in milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds). Default: 10 seconds.

  • Auto Scroll (Accept) - (Enable or Disable) If enabled, Cookie Bar will automatically hide after the visitor scrolls the webpage and consent will be automatically accepted as Yes (If Auto-Tick for Non-Necessary Cookies are enabled).

    • Auto Scroll Offset (in percent) - Auto Scroll setting will affect after this much percentage of webpage is scrolled.

  • Reload after Scroll Accept - (Enable or Disable) If enabled webpage will be refreshed automatically once cookie settings are accepted because of scrolling.

  • Reload after Accept - (Enable or Disable) If enabled webpage will be refreshed automatically once cookie settings are accepted.

  • Reload after Decline - (Enable or Disable) If enabled webpage will be refreshed automatically once cookie settings are declined.

  • Cookie Expiry - (Dropdown) Select time for which cookie with user preferences will be saved on users browser.

  • Show Credits - If you are happy with the product and want to share credit with the developer.


The Design tab has 2 subsections - General, Templates


  • Cookie Bar as - (Banner / Popup / Widget) Select how to display Cookie Bar.

    • Cookie Bar Position - (Bottom / Top) If 'Cookie Bar as' option is selected as Banner, then select Bottom or Top position to display Cookie Bar Banner.

    • Add Overlay - (On / Off) If 'Cookie Bar as' option is selected as Popup, Select if there should be Overlay or not for popup.

    • Cookie Bar Position - (Left / Right) If 'Cookie Bar as' option is selected as Widget, Select left or right position to display Cookie Bar Widget.

  • On hide - (Animate / Disappear) Select behaviour of closing action of Cookie Bar once visitor accepts or rejects cookie settings.

  • Cookie Bar Color - (Color picker) Select color for Cookie Bar.

  • Cookie Bar Opacity - (Slider) Select opacity for Cookie Bar, You can adjust transparency of Cookie Bar here.

  • Text Color - (Color picker) Select color for text on Cookie Bar.

  • Font - (Dropdown selector) Select your default theme font or from provided standard fonts for Cookie Bar text.


  • Cookie Bar Template - (None / Default / Classic) Select template with predefined styles for Cookie bar, or you can select None and style Cookie Bar as you wish. If you use any template preview will be displayed with default text.


The Buttons tab has 4 subsections - Accept Button, Decline Button, Settings Button, Read More Link.

In this tabs you can customize Button styles & Behaviour.

  • Enable - (On / Off) Enable or disable the button.

  • Text - Text which should be displayed on particular button.

  • Text Color - (Color picker) Select color for button.

  • Show as - (Button / Link) Select appearance should be as button or as link.

  • Background Color - (Color picker) Select background color for button.

  • Size - (Large / Medium / Small) Select size from predefined options for each button. Default value is Medium. For Read More link this option is not available.

  • Action - (Close Header / Open URL) Select action to do once user clicks on button. With close header Cookie Bar will be closed. If open url option is selected, provided url will be opened. This option is not available for Settings Button.

    • URL - If 'Action' is selected as Open URL then provide which url will be opened.

    • Open URL in new window? - (Yes / No) If 'Action' is selected as Open URL then select if url should be opened in new window or same window.

Cookie List

The Design tab has 2 subsections - Discovered Cookies, Custom Cookies.

Discovered Cookies

Discovered Cookies section lets you automatically scan the cookies and add them to the plugin. From GDPR Cookie Consent > Cookie List, Click on the Scan Now button. (available in Pro version)

Clicking on the Scan Now button, the plugin will start scanning important URLs of the website. After the scan is complete, you will be provided with the scanned cookies, you can then decide categories of individual cookies and save all the cookies.

Custom Cookies

In Custom Cookies section you can manually add the cookies and it’s details.

Upon clicking on the Add New Cookie link you will see the following Add New Cookie page.

The following are the fields in the Add New Cookie page.

  • Cookie Name - Add the name of the cookie.

  • Cookie Domain - Domain which sets this cookie.

  • Cookie Category - Category where you want the cookie to belong to.

  • Cookie Type - The types include HTTP Cookie, HTML Local Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Pixel Tracker and IndexedDB.

  • Cookie Duration - Time duration the cookies will be active on the browser.

  • Cookie Purpose - Description specifying the purpose for which cookie will be used.

After the above changes, save the settings.

You can also Delete or Edit the already saved cookies using the above page.

Script Blocker (Pro Feature)

Script Blocker will be automatically turned off while cookie scanning is running so all cookies are found and none are blocked by script blocker. Once cookie scanning is finished script blocker will be enabled automatically again.

With Script Blocker cookies used by third party scripts (eg. Google Analytics, Youtube video embeds etc.) will be stored on visitors browser according to their cookie preferences. If user decides to not allow marketing cookies then third party services will not run on that users browser. By default script blocker is off.

Category of each third party script can be updated by using provided dropdown options.

Visitor will see message to accept certain category cookies if script blocker is blocking any cookie which are required to display content.

If user updates cookie preferences then new settings will be reflected in browser and according to that cookies will be set.


The Help Guide is available at upper right corner of screen of GDPR Cookie consent plugin.

Cookie Bar Shortcodes section lists all the shortcodes that are used in the plugin. These shortcodes can be used anywhere on the website, pages, and posts, not just the cookie bar. To add the shortcodes inside a template file, you can use the ‘do_shortcode’ function.

In Help & Support section you will find ways in which you can ask for more help including WPEka helpdesk and community forum.