Geolocation Integration
This page shows how you can integrate MaxMind License Key for geotargeting.
With Geolocation Integration, you can choose to display GDPR Cookie Notice bars only to EU users or CCPA Notice only to California state users.
This page shows how you can integrate the MaxMind License key for geotargeting.
You will be seeing a Notice to integrate MaxMind License Key.
Please follow the below steps to generate and integrate the MaxMind License Key with
License key
  • Generate the License Key and keep it safe, This is the only time you will be able to access license key once it is created. Don't worry you can create new keys if needed.
Create License key
  • Once you get the License key, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > GDPR Cookie Consent > Integrations and add your key.
How to use the geotargeting feature
The integration page also provides a link and a video to help you configure and setup your MaxMind key easily.
That's it. You have successfully integrated your MaxMind License key with GDPR Cookie Consent Pro.

Next Steps

After you have integrated the MaxMind license key, you can go to GDPR Cookie Consent > Cookie Settings area> Compliances tab and enable the visitor conditions options to start showing the notices based on the user's geolocation.
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Next Steps