Introduction to WPLegalPages

This page introduces WP Legal Pages plugin and lists down different kinds of templates it provides to easily create privacy policies, you can use these templates to customize your page.

WPLegalPages is a WordPress plugin that generates legal policies for your WordPress website.

If you are thinking, ‘Do I need a privacy policy for my website?’, then yes, there are plenty of other policies that you must publish on your site. The reason behind this is that, if your visitors feel safe, they will trust your brand better and purchase more from your site.

Moreover, having adequate legal language can put you in the right place and give you an upper hand if you experience a clash with a customer. Thus, in a way, policies protect your brand, reputation, revenue, and even profits.

WPLegalPages has 25+ customizable legal policy templates that you can customize according to your requirements. With an array of pre-designed templates, all you’d have to do is customize the information and hit the Publish button.

WPLegalPages offers the following pre-designed templates for your website:

  • Privacy Policy

If you collect any personal data from users

  • DMCA

To limit your liability to copyright infringement claims

  • Terms of Use

If you want to protect your business

  • CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act

If you are collecting personal data and have California based users

  • Terms(forced agreement)

Use when you don't want your users to proceed without agreeing to website terms

  • California Privacy Rights

If you have California based users and want to give them clarity on disclosure of personal information.

  • Earnings Disclaimer

To limit your legal liability if your website is promoting strategies and programs to help users make money

  • Disclaimer

To limit your legal liability and keep your users informed

  • Testimonials Disclosure

Use this if your website displays user reviews or endorsements

  • Linking Policy

Use this policy to inform the users about the terms and conditions for linking to your website and disclaimers for external linking.

  • Return and Refund Policy

If you want to protect your e-Commerce business

  • Affiliate Agreement

For a legal contract between you and your affiliates who promote your products/services.

  • Antispam

If you are an individual/business that uses email for advertising or promoting something

  • FTC Statement

If you have a website and have affiliate partners, you should declare your website’s compliance with the Federal Trade Commission policies

  • Medical Disclaimer

To imply that the information on your website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment

  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

To comply with Amazon’s affiliate program requirements (if you promote products listed on amazon)

  • Double Dart Cookie

To notify users if your website or blog is using any Double Click Dart Cookie

  • External Links Policy

If your website links to other external websites, you can use this to ensure that the external links are in compliance with the applicable laws.

  • Affiliate Disclosure

To inform your audience about your affiliate relationships with brands, products, or companies that you publicly recommend

  • FB Policy

If you are collecting any personal data from your page through a call to action (such as email addresses for your mailing list),

  • About Us

To display your contact and mailing information

  • COPPA - Children’s Online Privacy Policy

If you are collecting personal information on your website from children below 13 years in age.

  • Blog Comments Policy

Use when you have comments enabled on your blog.

  • Newsletter : Subscription and Disclaimer

If you are using an email newsletter service and collect personal information like email id from your subscribers

  • Cookies Policy

To inform users about the cookies active on your website that track user data.

  • GDPR Cookie Policy

Use when you have visitors from the EU & are using cookies on your website.

  • GDPR Privacy Policy

Use when your website collects personal information and has visitors from the EU.

  • Confidentiality Disclosure

To protect confidential and proprietary information displayed on your website

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