Configuring the Settings

This feature is a one-time set up. The details that you enter here will be used to generate customized legal pages. Check out the video at the end of the page to learn more.

The legal templates included in the plugin uses business data automatically using shortcodes.

This business data is captured in the Settings page. You need to enter the following information on this page:

  • Domain Name of your website

  • Business Name

  • Phone number

  • Street number

  • City, State, ZIP code

  • Country

  • Email Address

  • Full Mailing Address

  • Niche of your website

  • Facebook Page URL

  • Google Page URL

  • Twitter Page URL

  • LinkedIn Page URL

Settings Page

Apart from this, there are few other settings:

  • Show legal pages in search - This will enable website users to search your legal pages using your website search. If you don't want to make your legal pages searchable, disable it.

  • Affiliate Disclosure - If you have an affiliate site, you can add an affiliate disclosure right from your WordPress post editor. The document further explains how to add affiliate disclosure on a website.

  • Adult Content Site - If you have an adult content site, enabling this will enable a popup on your site, asking you to confirm your age.

  • Forms Integration - Enable this field to display - what data is captured as part of privacy policy. This makes it easier to have the user aware of the details before submission of the form. This option works with WPForms, Gravity Forms & Contact 7 Forms plugins. For more integrations of your forms, contact support.

    • Privacy Policy Page - Select the page which describes what personal data is captured (Usually your Privacy Policy Page). Check FAQ section for detailed information to integrate with different plugins.

  • Give Credit - This will add a small credit at the end of each legal page on your site of "Generated by WPLegalPages". If you disable it, the credit will not be displayed.

Once you've provided all the details, save the settings.

You are all set to create the Legal Pages now.

Watch this video to learn more about how to configure the settings of WPLegalPages.