Using the Wizard Feature
This feature is like a guided setup where you can choose from easy to use templates to generate customized policy pages. Check out the video guide at the end of the page to know more.
The Wizard Feature is very useful to generate quick and customized legal pages. The contextual help within the Wizard, guide you to come up with an appropriate policy page apt for the type of business you are running.
To access the Wizard, click on the Wizard Menu item. The following screen will appear:
Select the page which you would like to create from available pages. Here is the example showing steps for page - Privacy Policy.
Recommended Settings Page
Fill up the details on the screen. These details will be used while creating a policy page.
On page sections screen select the details required as per your website need.
Click on the publish page button & you will see the page editor where you can publish the page.
Watch this video to know how to use the Wizard Feature to create a privacy policy page.
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