Create A Custom legal template using Wizard

This page explains how you can easily create a custom legal template for your WordPress website using wizard.

In order to create a custom legal template Go to Dashboard -> WPLegalPages.

To access the Wizard, click on the Create Legal Page menu item. The following screen will appear:

Select the Custom Legal Page template, it will redirect you to the settings page as shown below.

Fill up the details on the screen. These details will be used while creating a custom legal template. The placeholders given beside the setting fields can be used in the description of the policy, it will display the corresponding values on the preview/live page.

Then click on the NEXT button, it will redirect you to the editing page as shown below.

Provide the name and description for the custom legal template. Then click on the NEXT button to see the preview of your custom legal template as shown below.

You can go to the previous page and make changes if required by clicking on the PREV button.

Finally, click on the PUBLISH button, which will open the custom legal template in the WordPress editor.

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