Navigate to WordPress Admin dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings.

Here you can update General & Payments settings.


  • Notifications - (Enable/Disable) Enable to setup From Email & From Name from which notifications will be sent to users.

  • From Email - Specify email from which notification emails will be sent to users.

  • From Name - Specify Name which will be used in email.

  • Auto Refresh - (Enable/Disable) If enabled ads will be refreshed automatically on all pages

  • Transmission Effect - (available only if Auto Refresh is enabled) Select effect while ads are being refreshed.

  • Transition Delay - (available only if Auto Refresh is enabled) Specify time in milliseconds for auto refreshing ads.

  • (Pro Feature) Enable Geo Location - (dropdown)

    • None - Display ads for all locations

    • Ad Zone Level - Display ads according to location set in ad zones

    • Campaign Level - Display ads according to the location set in campaigns.

Payments (Pro)

Here are the payment settings about your Paypal & Stripe account.

  • Paypal - (Enable/Disable) Enable to receive payments on your Paypal account. If enabled related Paypal options will be available.

  • Paypal Email - Specify your Paypal email id.

  • Paypal Currency - Select your Paypal currency.

  • Paypal Sandbox - (Enable/Disable) Enable if you want to test the Paypal transactions.


  • Stripe - (Enable/Disable) Enable Stripe payments. If enabled you can update Stripe secret key, Stripe publisher key & Stripe currency options. Stripe related keys and currency can be found in Stripe Dashboard.

  • Stripe Secret Key - Specify the stripe secret key.

  • Stripe Publisher Key - Specify the stripe publisher key.

  • Stripe Currency - Specify the stripe currency.