Third-Party Advertisers, Notifications & Auto Refresh can be enabled and disables here. In addition transition effects, transition delay, geo targeting and other settings can be accessed here.

Navigate to WordPress Admin dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings.

Here you can update General & Global script settings.


  • Third-Party Advertisers (Pro) - (Enable/Disable) Enable registration of third party users as advertisers. This feature requires WooCommerce plugin to be activated.

  • Notifications (Pro)- (Enable/Disable) Enable to setup Automated notifications. Notification email templates can be configured from WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. Auto Refresh - (Enable/Disable) If enabled ads will be refreshed automatically on all pages

  • Transmission Effect - (available only if Auto Refresh is enabled) Select effect while ads are being refreshed.

  • Transition Delay - (available only if Auto Refresh is enabled) Specify time in milliseconds for auto refreshing ads.

  • (Pro Feature) Enable Geo Location - (dropdown)

    • None - Display ads for all locations

    • Ad Zone Level - Display ads according to location set in ad zones

    • Campaign Level - Display ads according to the location set in campaigns.


Enable Scripts - (Enable/Disable) If enabled following added scripts will be enabled on all pages

  • Header scripts (Global) - Specify scripts to be added in header element of all pages.

  • Body scripts (Global) - Specify scripts to be added in body element of all pages.

  • Footer scripts (Global) - Specify scripts to be added in footer of all pages.


ads.txt file is useful to verify your identity with third party ad advertisers. With WPAdCenter you can easily create, update ads.txt file.

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings > ads.txt tab & enable the ads.txt feature.

  • ads.txt (Enable / Disable) - Enable or disable the ads.txt feature from WPAdCenter Plugin.

  • Content - Input the records for the ads.txt. Provide one record per one line.

Click on the Update Button to save the contents for ads.txt file

You can check the ads.txt file for any problems by clicking on Check for Problems button. If there are any problems you are provided with them and their suggested solution.