All the settings such as Tracking, Statistic, Scripts, AdSense can be accessed from this page.

Navigate to WordPress Admin dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings.

Here you can update General & Global script settings.


  • Roles to exclude from tracking - (dropdown) This feature will disable selected roles from tracking statistics data (Views, Clicks, CTR).

  • Trim stats older than (in months) - (number) Automatically cleans the statistics database records older than provided set point. If set to 0 will disable this setting.


Enable Scripts - (Enable/Disable) If enabled following added scripts will be enabled on all pages

  • Header scripts (Global) - Specify scripts to be added in the header element of all pages.

  • Body scripts (Global) - Specify scripts to be added to the body element of all pages.

  • Footer scripts (Global) - Specify scripts to be added in the footer of all pages.


ads.txt file is useful to verify your identity with third-party ad advertisers. With WPAdCenter you can easily create, update the ads.txt file.

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings > ads.txt tab & enable the ads.txt feature.

  • ads.txt (Enable / Disable) - Enable or disable the ads.txt feature from WPAdCenter Plugin.

  • Content - Input the records for the ads.txt. Provide one record per one line.

Click on the Update button to save the contents for the ads.txt file

You can check the ads.txt file for any problems by clicking on Check for Problems button. If there are any problems you are provided with them and their suggested solution.

Advertisers (Pro)

Advertisers roles settings are displayed here. You can enable third-party advertisement which would help you generate revenue for your website where people would be able to create ads and display on your site for the amount they pay you!

Please note that this feature requires WooCommerce plugin to be installed for payment procedure and email notifications.

  • Third-Party Advertisers - Enable / Disable third-party advertisement, in order to associate ads with advertisers please enable this feature.

  • Enable Notifications - Enables email notifications for the advertisers, this feature mainly sends ad expiry reminder to the advertisers before a specified amount of days.

  • Send ad reminder email notification before (in days) - (number) to specify number of days before sending ad expiry reminder email to the advertisers.

Import from AdSense

To set up your AdSense account with WPAdCenter and load ads from Google AdSense.

  • Connect to AdSense - (button) When pressed, this will open connect to google window. After successfully connected it will generate a token in the form of text for a few minutes, copy the token and come back to the settings page of WPAdCenter.

  • Token - Paste the token acquired from the "connect to AdSense" feature.

  • Submit Token - This will submit the entered token and connect your account with AdSense.

Advanced (Pro)

Ad Block Detection (Pro) feature is available in this settings tab

  • Enable AdBlock Detection - Enables / Disables AdBlock Detector, if enabled and the ads get blocked in the frontend, a popup overlay will be shown to user with specified message.

  • Ad Block Detector Message - Enter Ad Blocker message to be shown

Ad blocker detected ads getting blocked on the frontend