Manage Ad Groups

Ad Groups are used to group ads together. You can create as many as you like.

Multiple ads can be displayed together using Ad Groups. For example, you might show a block of 4 ads in the sidebar, a larger ad in the header and a small ad at the end of each post – each one requires its own Ad Group.

To create one, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WP AdCenter > Manage Ad Groups.

  • Name - Specify a name for the Ad Group.

  • slug (optional) - URL-friendly name of the ad group.

  • Description (optional)- You can also give the ad group a description.

Once all the changes are done click on Add New Group button to save the ad group.

All the created ad groups can be viewed on the table available on the right.

  • Name - Specifies names of the ad groups available.

  • Shortcode - Shortcode can be copied by clicking on it and it can be used inside the editor to display ads.

  • Template Tag - Template Tag can be used to display ads from the ad group dynamically on your website.

  • Number of Ads - Specifies the number of ads that are present in the ad group.

  • Number of Active Ads - Specifies the number of active ads in the ad group.

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