Banners are the actual advertisement image which will be displayed to end user. You can add banner under certain campaign which will be for certain approved advertiser.

To view all banners navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WPAdCenter > Banners. To add new banner click on Add New button.

  • Banner Name - Specify name for the banner.

  • Link URL - URL where visitor will be taken once he/she clicks on this banner.

  • Link Target - How the link will be opened upon visitor clicks on the banner

    • _blank - Opens the link in a new tab or window.

    • _self - Open the link in the current frame.

    • _parent - Opens the link in the parent frame.

    • _top - Opens the link in the top-most frame

  • Banner Type - Select type of the banner.

    • Image - Upload image as a banner.

    • External Image Link - Provide link of external image as a banner.

    • Ad Code - Provide the Ad code, which will be rendered as a advertisement.

  • Advertiser - Select the advertiser from dropdown list. Only approved advertisers will be displayed.

  • Campaign - Campaign under which this banner will be used. Only campaigns of currently selected advertiser will be displayed.

  • Ad Zone - Select Ad Zone for the banner.

Once all changes are confirmed click on the Save Banner button.