Lazy Loading (Pro)

Lazy loading Ads in WordPress is used to prevent images or videos on a website from getting loaded before they appear in the visitor’s visible area. This helps to keep the loading time of a website at

How to implement lazy loading in WPAdCenter?

  • On your WordPress Dashboard, click on the WPAdCenter Plugin. Go to ‘Create Ad’.

  • Select the Ad type. WPADCenter has lazy loading for Banner Image, External Image Link, HTML5, and Video Ads.

  • On selecting any of the above ad types, you will be able to see the Lazy Loading Ads Settings on the right side panel.

  • Lazy loading will be turned off by default. For enabling this feature, you can click on Yes under Enable Lazy Loading.

  • Enter the number of pixels before which the ads will start loading. The default pixel value has been set as 200. However, you can change the loading pixels based on your choice. The setting for this is very individual for each site, its user behavior, and the publisher’s expectations.

  • Once you have entered all the other ad details, click on Update/Publish.

  • Your ad will now load before the set pixels, thereby improving the page load speed, and ad performance.

Note: The lazy loading feature is not recommended for Animated Ads and rotating ads.

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