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GA Tracking (Pro)

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is one of those platform which provides its users a robust tracking and reporting services. This will reduce the burden of traffic and storing overload on your site's database to the Google Analytics platform, there are many great features other than just tracking clicks and views, it can also track unique events who interacted with your ads, and thus we recommend using this platform for better user experience.
In order to get started with Google Analytics, please navigate to Settings → Integration → Google Analytics Authentication Settings
There are currently two ways you can add integration for Google Analytics on your WPAdCenter Plugin
  • By authenticating GA with WPAdCenter
  • By Manually entering UA code (please note that this functionality have limited feature hence you will be able to send the DATA when user interacts with the ad to GA but won't be able to fetch it)
We recommend going with the first method - after you click on "Connect WPAdCenter" an authentication window open provided by google where you will be able to find credentials, after you allow sharing of GA data with our Google App
submit the authorized token from the authentication window where you will be able to select respective account and property
After you have set the profile successfully the page reloads, and you will be able to see your tracking code which means you have successfully authenticated your GA with WPAdCenter
now you will successfully be able to send data to and from Google Analytics
GA data in Manage Ads Page after selecting an ad
GA Data in Custom reports page
Note - Please make sure to select the same profile as the one used on other plugins of your WordPress site to maintain the consistent UA tracking ID.