Navigate to WordPress Admin dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings.

Here you can update General & Global script settings.


  • Roles to exclude from tracking - (dropdown) This feature will disable selected roles from tracking statistics data (Views, Clicks, CTR).

  • Trim stats older than (in months) - (number) Automatically cleans the statistics database records older than provided set point. If set to 0 will disable this setting.

  • ads.txt - ads.txt file is useful to verify your identity with third-party ad advertisers. With WPAdCenter you can easily create, update the ads.txt file.

    • ads.txt (Enable / Disable) - Enable or disable the ads.txt feature from WPAdCenter Plugin.

    • Content - Input the records for the ads.txt. Provide one record per one line.

    Click on the Update button to save the contents of the ads.txt file. You can check the ads.txt file for any problems by clicking on Check for Problems button. If there are any problems you are provided with them and their suggested solution.

  • Open link in a new tab - If enabled, link opens in a new tab on click.

  • Nofollow on link - If enabled, it signals that the page linking out is claiming no endorsement of the page it links to.

  • Additional rel tags - Adds rel tags to the link.

  • Additional CSS classes - Adds classes to the link.

  • Cloaked link prefix - The prefix that comes before slug of your cloaked link, eg.<ad_id>.

  • Privacy Options - These settings helps you to hide ads from the users until consent is given if provided the appropriate consent method to know more about these settings please visit here.

  • Click Fraud Protection - If you want to protect your ads from click bombing you should enable this option. You can set the click limit and time limit. If a user crosses any of these limits all ads are hidden from them for a period specified by you.

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