Placements (Pro)
Navigate to WordPress Admin dashboard > WPAdCenter > Settings.
Here you can update General & Global script settings.

Using placements you can display ads before/ after or in between your posts.
Placements/Content Ads are pre-defined positions in your content of webpage where you can show your ad group automatically without the need to add them one by one in each post and/or page
  • Enable Content Ads - Enable/disable the content ads settings in your webpage
  • Add Rule - Rules are nothing but options for your ad groups were to be displayed, how it should be displayed you can add multiple rule and also delete them
  • Rule Options - After you create a rule, specific options are provided as follows for each rule.
    • Post Types - select post types (Post/Page) where ad group to be automatically displayed
    • Placement Type - Before Content will display ad group at the top of content, After Content will display ad group at the bottom / after the content.
    • Content placement type will place ads in-between posts and have some additional options. This will help you decide where your ad group will be displayed inside the post. You'll get the following options
      • position
      • position number
      • position element
      • start counting from bottom
      for example, if you specified following options as "After 1 paragraph" the ad group will be displayed after 1st paragraph and if start counting from bottom is checked then it will display ad group after 1st paragraph from the bottom content.
    • Alignment Options - (none, left, right, center) specify the alignment for the ad group
    • Select Ad group - To select ad group to which this rule will be applied
    • Delete Rule - to delete the created rule
  • click on save settings to save all the rules created and deleted.
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