It's necessary to track information of all ads being displayed on your website so that you will get a better overview of your ads and make timely decisions for the same.

The reports page is where you will find all the necessary info you need. There are two tabs for reports page. Dashboard and Custom Reports


  • All-Time Summary - Shows full summary (Total Clicks, Total Views, Total CTR) from the date you installed the plugin.

  • All-Time Top 10 Clicks - Shows reports of top 10 ads as per clicks.

  • All-Time Top10 Click Through Rate - shows reports of top 10 ads as per CTR.

  • All-Time By Ad Group - shows reports of all ads by selected Ad Group

Custom Reports

This tab helps you to generate custom detailed reports of selected ads.

  • Start date & End date - (date picker) specify the start date and end date to generate their detailed reports

  • Choose advertiser(Pro) - (dropdown) to select advertisers whose reports in order to generate. Please note that this feature will be available if Third-Party Advertisers is enabled from settings page.

  • Choose ad - (dropdown) you can select single/multiple ads to generate their reports. Please note that if the advertiser is selected from the previous dropdown then only those ads will be available to generate reports which are associated with the selected advertiser.

After selecting the above options you would be able to see a detailed reports table and an option to export reports as CSV

Detailed Reports table contains daily records of generated views, clicks, and CTR.

  • Export CSV - To download CSV of generated reports.

A Complete chart of a detailed report will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

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