Privacy Options

This documentation demonstrates the options you have in WPAdCenter to show ads to the users based on their consent

There are currently two methods in this privacy module, when enabled

  • Show all ads without any consent - This will show ads in the front-end without any consent required, please note that this will also show personalized AdSense ads in the front-end if found any.

  • Cookie - In this method if specified cookie name and value if the cookie is set with the specified name and value then ads will be shown in the front-end

WPAdCenter by default doesn't show any consent notice in the front-end. Therefore, if you want to enable consenting, you need to integrate cookie consent plugins. Below you will find the table for the popular cookie consent plugins which contains cookie name and their value, so you can use them for the cookie method


Cookie Name

Cookie Value












this plugin has a cookie value with a string "<...>thirdparty<..> enter just thirdparty as a value




this plugin has a cookie value with a string "<...>BOzOg5COzOg5CAKAABENDJ-AAAAvhr<..> enter just BOzOg5COzOg5CAKAABENDJ-AAAAvhr as a value

Above are certain plugins which are integrated well with WPAdCenter for consenting, but if you have other plugins, and you know what cookie value and name they set on accepting consent? You could enter those exact cookie value and name in settings and the consenting would work fine, or you could raise a support forum in for the same, we would be happy to integrate it for you!

AdSense's ads can be of two type, Personalized and Non-Personalized ads. According to AdSense EU visitors requires consent for the personalized ads for now non-personalized need not require to have any consent but in future it might change. Until then, you could show non-personalized ads until user provides their consent to show them personalized ads

You can read more about personalized ads and non-personalized ads here

If you have enabled "Show non-personalized ads until the consent is given" Google AdSense ads will be shown as non-personalized and if disabled no google AdSense ads will be shown

How to check if AdSense is using personalized or non-personalized ads?

You can check those in browser console (Inspect element) under network tab, it should open using CTRL+SHIFT+I in Chrome browsers, navigate to network tab and reload the page and in the input box search for 'ads'

ads?client=... are personalized ads

ads?npa=1&client=... are non-personalized ads "npa=1" is a parameter set to show non-personalized ads.

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